Bespoke Shirt Tailoring  Services

A lot of people ask, why they should order a bespoke  tailored shirt ?

We can find you many raisons ! Ofcourse , you can  easily find a ready wear shirt.

But , if you have a smaller neck than your body the ready wear shirt will not fit the way you want.

Or , you have a big neck but a smaler body , the issu will be the same. Wont be your shirt at all. 

Also , the choises of shirt fabrics might not satisfate you. So , you may want a better quality fabric.

You chose the fabric at first than , match the model you want one by one.

Looks difficult but it is a very fine process. You can also order the cut of your shirt.

Slim - Large or regular cut.

As the variation of fabrics  in classic cotton fabrics are  , Poplin - Gabardine - piquet - Saten - Oxfords etc....

Our boutique also keep some organic cottons. Be awear that those fabrics wrinkls more than usual. Because , during the process of production  no chemicals  are used .

We do also have NON IRON  fabrics aswell in stock. You may know them as easy care fabrics !!!

Those two thecnics have teflon on fabrics.

During your İstanbul visit If you want to order a  tailored shirt be awear that  takes a week to deliver.We take mesurments in our boutique ( Also in your hotel ). After you chose your fabric and model we start. We can allways send to your adress via post office after  you leave İstanbul.