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Marcel Mevorah born in  Istanul  in the  year 1958.

His parents and grand parents were in  fabric buisness  in the city of Edirne .( Near the Bulgarian border ) The family is in the fabric buisnes since the begining of 19 century.

We give   big importance to the quality of the fabrics in every step  at Marcel Butik . 

Marcel Mevorah  went to highschool  at Şişli Terakkiin 1975  and Tarhan Koleji in 1978.

He went to Lausanne  the same year  to learn french at the Diavox language school.

As he coulld not study in Lausanne , went to the city of Nice in France.

Where he went to the Nice University . He studied   sycologie  and history .

He stayed from 1979 to 1986 studiying and working in Nice and Monaco.

He opened Marcel Butik in 1988 . Since than he continues   the work he loves.

The role of a boutique is very complex.

A boutique have to fallow  new trends. But , at the same time has to be an alternative to the fashion.

Most of the people does not fallow new trends very closly. That is why we help  the costumer a personolised   touch. Every costumer has  a different way of life.

So , we assist our costumers on thier tastes . İt is our job to put them on the right direction.