The numbers of the people who wear a tie decline in our societies .

That makes men  loose one more  accessory. The obligations of a tie is  almost over. Unfortunatly ! comfort  won over the idea of a tie being  an  argument of a status.

Than , what a boutique will do ?

Not easy  but  our concept is  to help in our clients demmands and accourding to their life style.

We will ofcourse keep showing matching ties also show altervatives without wearing a tie.

You can still be smart without a tie...

At the same time our lives are changing.  

We also produce hand made ties !!! Please advise ...

Bow Ties

Bow ties , still used a lot during night   and at the weddings

We do produce hand made  bows . You can chose your fabrics and order !!

Usually our bow ties can untied .... We give a lot of options  on that metter .

Please advise .


One of the most romantic accessory for men .

We do allways keep a small silk  collection . 

You may order a hand made  ascott  with a fabric that you desire.