Bespoke Tailoring

Importance of the fabric.

The quality of the  fabrics are very important specially in tailoring. Also fabric  is the main raison to have a tailored item . In our days the fabrics used in ready to wear are not the same as the fabrics used by tailors.

The hand craft is also an art which will be disapear in the  future. 

Do not forget that a tailor is not a butler. He or she  are men of art. 

A lot of people are not satisfy  about the quality of  fabrics in ready to wear. We welcome more and more new beginers of all ages  in tailoring. 

Most of our clients in bespoke tailoring are unhappy about the new generation ready to wear styles.

The short jackets  the trousers cut very low are not comfortable for everybody.

One of the raison people wants a tailored garment.

A tailored  jacket require  5 working  days . The craft is by hand . We use italian canvas inside for construction of all jackets.

After taking the mesurments , we chose  the fabrics . Compare to the fabrics we  chose the models .

we need two fittings before the delivery .

If you do not have much time we can allways do your two fittings and deliver later on.

All delivery is at your acount.

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